Pitching machine brands

Pitching machines are the perfect training equipment if you are practicing for some big game ahead. With these machines, you will not require anyone to throw you the pitch. You can just focus on your batting endlessly. These machines give great results when it comes to the pitching styles. The frequency of pitching can be adjusted as well as the pitching distance. You can set up a personal pitching machine in your own backyard and put in some extra hours into practicing. Listed below are some of the highly recommended pitching machine for sale on the market.


  • Mound Yeti two wheel pitching machine


This amazing pitching machine comes at 1399.99 dollars and is a great pick due to several reasons. Firstly, it can throw pitches of varying speeds, from 30mph to 100mph, thus making it fit for young players as well as the advanced players. Secondly, the machine can alternate between curves, slide balls and knuckleballs. It is great for improving your hand-eye coordination as well as the reaction time. The machine also throws right-handed as well as left-handed pitches. It comes with wheels for easy movability and can be switched between softball and baseball. When you buy this, you will also get a softball conversion machine for free.


  • JUGS lite flite machine


This may be the perfect pitching machine if you intend to carry it around a lot. In addition to throwing sliders and curves, it can also be used for pop ups and pop downs. The machine can throw both right handed and left handed pitches. You may also use it for softball pitches, however, you will be required to buy an additional piece in doing so. From a very close range, it can throw pitches of up to 30 and 50 mph. Despite all the features, the machine is also not a huge pinch in the pocket and is recommended for all ages.


  • BSN Bulldog Pitching Machine


This machine has received some of the best reviews from the customers. It comes at a total weight of 48 pounds. Although it may not be as light as the JUG lite flite, moving around is not a very big problem. The machine throws both softballs as well as baseball, you just need to change the stand while switching between the two. It pitches at a high speed, hence making it more suitable for the older players. It also has urethane wheels to keep the air pressure from building inside the machine.


  • First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine


This machine can pitch at upto 70 miles from normal ranges, making it perfect for backyard set ups. It is best recommended for players of age 15 and under. The machine runs on externally supplied electricity. You may also use a generator in that case. It has adjustable  legs and comes with a year warranty, which can be more than what you are looking for. In addition to throwing pitches, the machine can also be used for pop ups, without attaching it to any extra tools.