How Does A Pitching Machine Work?

If you wish to know about pitching machine how it works, you have come to the right place. Let us get a fundamental understanding of this machine and let us also understand the working of this machine.

What is a pitching machine?

A pitching machine is a device that tosses a ball towards the hitter at varied styles and speeds. These machines are generally used by players practicing baseball and softball on their own. As the machine will toss the bat for hitting, they need not have to search for a friend to pitch the ball for them to practice hitting. Some of these machines are handfed, while some are automatic machines. Some of these machines are designed in such a way as to balance the heaviness associated with the ball and can turn the ball to pitch at a specific speed. Pitching machines are available in different types on the market. There are machines specially designed for softball, while there are some specifically designed for baseball. Even, there are machines that can be used for both games. 

How does it work?

As you wanted to know about pitching machine how it works, let us understand its working now, as you now have a basic idea of what the machine is all about:

Power: Electricity is used as the fuel for powering pitching machines. However, the electricity-operated machines cannot be employed in all areas as there are gaming fields without any power socket. In this case, a generator can be used for powering the machine. Even, there are battery powered models in the market, where batteries take care of the work in the place of electricity.

Loading: There are different methods of loading the ball, in some machines the loading should be done by hand by an individual. On the other hand, there are also machines that permit the coaches to load a set of balls in such a way that they will pitch one after the other automatically, without requiring any human intervention.

Speed and pitch selection: Pitching machines are capable enough to shoot the balls at varied courses and speeds. Also, to select a specific speed, there will either be buttons or knobs for the trainers to set the particular kind of pitches.

Propulsion: The propulsion happens in a different manner in different kinds of pitching machines like listed below:

  • In the case of scoop machines, they use hydraulics and pulleys to drive a ball towards the hitter. Even, these types of machines are capable of being pre-programmed with respect to the height of throw, count and also speed.
  • In the case of wheel machines, hydraulics is used and there will be a couple of wheels to force the ball towards the hitter. This type of machine can be the best choice for practicing defensive drills inclusive of line drives, pop-ups, and ground balls.


Now, you might have got some ideas about pitching machine how it works. You can move on towards the selection of the right machine based on your requirement. Click here to take a look at some recommended pitching machine.