For men and women, artistic gymnastics equipment is different

Artistic gymnastic is a popular game and becoming more popular in Olympic sports. In this sport, it is a type of discipline of gymnastics where the athlete performs short routines. The task they perform is about 30 to 90 seconds majorly. To perform better in the world level competition, gymnast needs to practice a lot. During the practice of sport, the athlete suffered a lot of injuries. With avoiding those injuries, the athlete wants to make their career with Artistic gymnastics. Clearly, it is a career achievement when gymnast won medals in the game. It is not easy to earn medals in Olympic as seems. The gymnast needs to practice a couple of hours in a day with required artistic gymnastics equipment.

There are five sports under the umbrella gymnastics which are famous in Olympic Games. The umbrella gymnastics includes artistic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and acrobatic gymnastics.  For complete practicing, the gymnastic required different apparatus for each sports type. The gymnastics institutes suggested different instruments for a complete gym. More the practice can make man perfect that is why you must prefer required equipment.

In artistic gymnastics, women and men required complete different apparatus. Six events are available in Olympic for men in artistic gymnastics. Namely, the events are a floor, rings, pommel horse, vault, horizontal bar and parallel bars. But, the women have to compete in four events are vault, balance beam, floor and uneven bars. When you are looking for the apparatus for your kid then must keep the apparatus belonging to male or female use. There will be a small difference in male or female apparatus, but the small difference can affect the gymnastics. Buy the apparatus which is suitable for your kid. Some kind of exercise or practice equipment are listed below-

For exercise

The dimension of the floor is about to same for male and female both. The floor is nothing but a mat with a plan or horizontal surface. It is about 3.5 centimeter elevated from the ground, and 12×12 square meters is sufficient area for male and female. The good mat always avoids the slope exceeding 25 percent at the border. In artistic gymnastics equipment the mat is basic equipment and without it nothing the perfect practice.

Balance beam

The balance beam is the balancing practice while performing artistic gymnastics. The balance beam is about 10cm wide, 1.2cm off the ground and 5m long. The beam must be padded from the edge side to prevent the injuries. Due to gymnastics apparatus athlete have a lot of injuries while practicing. Buy the artistic gymnastics equipment with proper padding on them.

Parallel bars

This task is performed on two flexible bars, and the platform must be about 2m above from the ground. At least 42 to 52 cm distance is best between the bars. The lending mat is 4.5m wide and 11m long. More on fit2bmom’s page.

Horizontal bars

The high bar is set about 2.8m above from the floor. The bar is 240cm in length and 2.8cm in diameter. The mat underneath the bar must be 12x12m. Artistic gymnastics equipment is best for preparing the Olympic umbrella gymnastics.