For men and women, artistic gymnastics equipment is different

Artistic gymnastic is a popular game and becoming more popular in Olympic sports. In this sport, it is a type of discipline of gymnastics where the athlete performs short routines. The task they perform is about 30 to 90 seconds majorly. To perform better in the world level competition, gymnast needs to practice a lot. During the practice of sport, the athlete suffered a lot of injuries. With avoiding those injuries, the athlete wants to make their career with Artistic gymnastics. Clearly, it is a career achievement when gymnast won medals in the game. It is not easy to earn medals in Olympic as seems. The gymnast needs to practice a couple of hours in a day with required artistic gymnastics equipment.

There are five sports under the umbrella gymnastics which are famous in Olympic Games. The umbrella gymnastics includes artistic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and acrobatic gymnastics.  For complete practicing, the gymnastic required different apparatus for each sports type. The gymnastics institutes suggested different instruments for a complete gym. More the practice can make man perfect that is why you must prefer required equipment.

In artistic gymnastics, women and men required complete different apparatus. Six events are available in Olympic for men in artistic gymnastics. Namely, the events are a floor, rings, pommel horse, vault, horizontal bar and parallel bars. But, the women have to compete in four events are vault, balance beam, floor and uneven bars. When you are looking for the apparatus for your kid then must keep the apparatus belonging to male or female use. There will be a small difference in male or female apparatus, but the small difference can affect the gymnastics. Buy the apparatus which is suitable for your kid. Some kind of exercise or practice equipment are listed below-

For exercise

The dimension of the floor is about to same for male and female both. The floor is nothing but a mat with a plan or horizontal surface. It is about 3.5 centimeter elevated from the ground, and 12×12 square meters is sufficient area for male and female. The good mat always avoids the slope exceeding 25 percent at the border. In artistic gymnastics equipment the mat is basic equipment and without it nothing the perfect practice.

Balance beam

The balance beam is the balancing practice while performing artistic gymnastics. The balance beam is about 10cm wide, 1.2cm off the ground and 5m long. The beam must be padded from the edge side to prevent the injuries. Due to gymnastics apparatus athlete have a lot of injuries while practicing. Buy the artistic gymnastics equipment with proper padding on them.

Parallel bars

This task is performed on two flexible bars, and the platform must be about 2m above from the ground. At least 42 to 52 cm distance is best between the bars. The lending mat is 4.5m wide and 11m long. More on fit2bmom’s page.

Horizontal bars

The high bar is set about 2.8m above from the floor. The bar is 240cm in length and 2.8cm in diameter. The mat underneath the bar must be 12x12m. Artistic gymnastics equipment is best for preparing the Olympic umbrella gymnastics.

Pitching machine brands

Pitching machines are the perfect training equipment if you are practicing for some big game ahead. With these machines, you will not require anyone to throw you the pitch. You can just focus on your batting endlessly. These machines give great results when it comes to the pitching styles. The frequency of pitching can be adjusted as well as the pitching distance. You can set up a personal pitching machine in your own backyard and put in some extra hours into practicing. Listed below are some of the highly recommended pitching machine for sale on the market.


  • Mound Yeti two wheel pitching machine


This amazing pitching machine comes at 1399.99 dollars and is a great pick due to several reasons. Firstly, it can throw pitches of varying speeds, from 30mph to 100mph, thus making it fit for young players as well as the advanced players. Secondly, the machine can alternate between curves, slide balls and knuckleballs. It is great for improving your hand-eye coordination as well as the reaction time. The machine also throws right-handed as well as left-handed pitches. It comes with wheels for easy movability and can be switched between softball and baseball. When you buy this, you will also get a softball conversion machine for free.


  • JUGS lite flite machine


This may be the perfect pitching machine if you intend to carry it around a lot. In addition to throwing sliders and curves, it can also be used for pop ups and pop downs. The machine can throw both right handed and left handed pitches. You may also use it for softball pitches, however, you will be required to buy an additional piece in doing so. From a very close range, it can throw pitches of up to 30 and 50 mph. Despite all the features, the machine is also not a huge pinch in the pocket and is recommended for all ages.


  • BSN Bulldog Pitching Machine


This machine has received some of the best reviews from the customers. It comes at a total weight of 48 pounds. Although it may not be as light as the JUG lite flite, moving around is not a very big problem. The machine throws both softballs as well as baseball, you just need to change the stand while switching between the two. It pitches at a high speed, hence making it more suitable for the older players. It also has urethane wheels to keep the air pressure from building inside the machine.


  • First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine


This machine can pitch at upto 70 miles from normal ranges, making it perfect for backyard set ups. It is best recommended for players of age 15 and under. The machine runs on externally supplied electricity. You may also use a generator in that case. It has adjustable  legs and comes with a year warranty, which can be more than what you are looking for. In addition to throwing pitches, the machine can also be used for pop ups, without attaching it to any extra tools.

How Does A Pitching Machine Work?

If you wish to know about pitching machine how it works, you have come to the right place. Let us get a fundamental understanding of this machine and let us also understand the working of this machine.

What is a pitching machine?

A pitching machine is a device that tosses a ball towards the hitter at varied styles and speeds. These machines are generally used by players practicing baseball and softball on their own. As the machine will toss the bat for hitting, they need not have to search for a friend to pitch the ball for them to practice hitting. Some of these machines are handfed, while some are automatic machines. Some of these machines are designed in such a way as to balance the heaviness associated with the ball and can turn the ball to pitch at a specific speed. Pitching machines are available in different types on the market. There are machines specially designed for softball, while there are some specifically designed for baseball. Even, there are machines that can be used for both games. 

How does it work?

As you wanted to know about pitching machine how it works, let us understand its working now, as you now have a basic idea of what the machine is all about:

Power: Electricity is used as the fuel for powering pitching machines. However, the electricity-operated machines cannot be employed in all areas as there are gaming fields without any power socket. In this case, a generator can be used for powering the machine. Even, there are battery powered models in the market, where batteries take care of the work in the place of electricity.

Loading: There are different methods of loading the ball, in some machines the loading should be done by hand by an individual. On the other hand, there are also machines that permit the coaches to load a set of balls in such a way that they will pitch one after the other automatically, without requiring any human intervention.

Speed and pitch selection: Pitching machines are capable enough to shoot the balls at varied courses and speeds. Also, to select a specific speed, there will either be buttons or knobs for the trainers to set the particular kind of pitches.

Propulsion: The propulsion happens in a different manner in different kinds of pitching machines like listed below:

  • In the case of scoop machines, they use hydraulics and pulleys to drive a ball towards the hitter. Even, these types of machines are capable of being pre-programmed with respect to the height of throw, count and also speed.
  • In the case of wheel machines, hydraulics is used and there will be a couple of wheels to force the ball towards the hitter. This type of machine can be the best choice for practicing defensive drills inclusive of line drives, pop-ups, and ground balls.


Now, you might have got some ideas about pitching machine how it works. You can move on towards the selection of the right machine based on your requirement. Click here to take a look at some recommended pitching machine.

Entertaining Sports Watches – How to Find the Perfect One You Need

If you didn’t know, sports watches have improved as the years have passed. Although they always had more features than ordinary watches, today they can perform all kinds of functions. Many can be connected to computers, for example, so you can keep track of your progress in whatever sport or activity you’re involved with. By comparing various brands, and seeing what features they all offer, you can choose the perfect sports watch for yourself and the activities that you do.

It doesn’t matter which sport or activity you are pursuing, there are some features that should come with ever fantastic sports watch. For one thing, it should have a stop watch feature. It’s important for all activities from running to swimming, etc. Whether you’re training for a marathon or you’re just starting a modest walking program for fitness purposes, it’s helpful to know how fast you’re going. Durability is another important feature, so check out its ability to withstand things like scratches. Another truly fantastic feature for your sports watch is GPS because it can help you keep track of where you are when you are doing anything or need to get somewhere.

You really have to think about the type of display you want to have on your watch before you actually get one. There are two primary display types – analog and digital. These are found on most watches today. You can digitally track time, with exact precision, if you go with a sports watch that is digital. You can get analog display sports watches if digital is not for you. Many watches have both, so you can time yourself digitally, and you can also look at time with analog. It is up to you, as it is your choice to make. When you exercise, you really need to be able to see the time on the watch. Even if you exercise at home using the best bike trainer, you still need a cool sports watch to easily remind you of the time.Therefore, make sure that the watch that you choose is easy to read no matter what type of what you get.

A lot of the better sports watches out there track data that you can use to help you better track important data like the number of calories your workouts are burning. The Garmin Forerunner 405 is one of the higher end sports watches out there that does a lot more than the other watches out there. It is like many of the other models out there that can track the amount of distance that you have covered as well as measuring your heart rate and the number of calories that you have burned. It also comes equipped with a feature named Virtual Partner.

This gives you a virtual opponent to compete against, which can help motivate you to do your best. It also allows you to compete against yourself and the workouts you’ve already done. There is a highly powerful GPS built into the Garmin Forerunner 405 that will work even when it is near tall trees, big buildings or other things that might get in the way.

With so many different options out there, you need to be as clear as possible about the watch qualities that you want to use the most. It is going to take you a little bit of time to figure out how to use the different features that are available if you don’t yet know how to operate a sports watch.

So you may also want to look for a model that’s simple to operate. Each of these suggestions can help you narrow down your options when you want to find a good sports watch.